What's In the Backyard

The beauty, strength, and versatility of natural stone allows it to remain the preferred choice of materials for landscape architects and designers throughout the world.

The largest selection of natural stone in South Western Ontario and related landscape materials.

 Do it yourself or have an authorized Stoneworld landscape contractor do it for you.

Retaining Wall Stone
Hillside homesites and changes in grades provide beautiful opportunities for landscape enhancement. A variety of styles and texture in natural stone allow you to create a durable and lasting look.
With our landscape experience we can make getting from "point A" to "point B" a picturesque experience!

Boulders & Outcroppings
The key to successfully landscaping with boulders and outcroppings is making the best use of their size and colour. While they are effective as retaining walls and interest points, their mass should be considered in the overall setting. We offer a full range of boulders, outcroppings, and cobblestones, in a variety of colours, to help you achieve maximum effect from the stone you select.
Landscape Lighting
Shape your grounds with a complete line of lighting accessories. With the right touches of light, add the classic flavour of Williamsburg, the warm glow of a Cypress garden or the oriental atmosphere of a rock garden in Tokyo.
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