Your bathroom is one of the most highly trafficked areas of your home. Can you recall a day when you did not use your bathroom? You may miss breakfast and go out for dinner or come home from a long day at work and drop into bed without stepping foot into your living room but the bathroomÖthatís a room thatís never missed.

Your bathroom is also a highly visible room to your guests. You can close your bedroom door but you canít deny visitors access to your bathroom.

These remodeling tips will enable you to create an impressive bathroom that incorporates the latest trends and conveniences.

  1. Install New Faucets
    An easy and inexpensive way to update your bathroom is to replace old faucets with new styles in the latest designs. Moenís Monticello® collection of bathroom faucets blends perfectly with traditional or contemporary décor. And you donít have to remain faithful to chrome any longer. Monticello® faucets feature stylish finishes such as polished brass, glacier (white), and a popular combination of chrome and polished brass. Cleaning is a breeze without the exposed screws and narrow ridges, and its washerless cartridge system means easy maintenance.

    If you like to re-decorate often, Moenís Concentrix® faucet line features a system of interchangeable handles allowing you to create a new look for your bathroom whenever you want to. You can choose from circular, diamond, square, and rope-styled handles. They can be easily changed without using tools and although they look expensive, they are reasonably priced. Both Monticello® and Concentrix® faucets are available for tub and shower combinations to create a harmonized look for your bathroom.

  2. Hang New Wallpaper
    You can create a dramatic change in your bathroom by hanging new wallpaper Ė a simple and effective solution. Prices and styles vary greatly but as you consider purchasing a new wall covering, be sure to choose a wallpaper made to withstand steam, high temperatures, and wear and tear. You donít want your wallpaper to come down after your first shower. And donít forget a border. It will enhance your wall covering by creating a contrast or adding a dramatic touch to your ceiling.

  3. Install New Flooring
    Many bathrooms have standard tile flooring because of its water resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance, but you many want to check out the alternatives. Vinyl flooring is a great choice for bathrooms because it is durable and resists water penetration. New colours, patterns, and textures are being introduced everyday so you can easily find a style to meet your needs.
    Carpeting was once considered a favourite for the master bath but it retains moisture and is prone to mildew. If you decide on carpet, use it only in the dry areas of your bathroom such as the dressing and grooming areas.
    Wood makes an attractive floor covering but again moisture is a problem. Wood surfaces must be well sealed with polyurethane or a marine varnish.

  4. A New Toilet Will Save You Money
    Todayís newer toilets feature a low-flush system that will save you money. Instead of using 3Ĺ gallons of water with every flush, these new toilets use only 1.6 gallons of water per flush Ė a substantial cost savings. With many styles and colours available, you can choose the most suitable to enhance your bathroom. Some newer toilets also feature a tank and bowl combination, a low to the floor piece providing quieter sound.

  5. Eliminate Shower Shock
    Have you ever fallen victim to "Shower Shock"? This dreadful experience happens when someone flushes a toilet or starts the dishwasher, sending a sudden jolt of hot or cold water during your shower. Not only is it startling, but it can lead to scald burns. Moen® has created Posi-Temp® and Moentrol® shower faucets to combat these sudden water pressure changes. Both offer a unique pressure-balance system that regulates water delivery and keeps the temperature at a constant Ī 2ö F. Moentrol® also offers a temperature memory so that the next time you jump in the shower, it regulates itself and returns to the same temperature at which it was shut off.

  6. Install a New Vanity
    Replacing an old, beat-up vanity can add new life to your bathroom. Quality cabinets, like those manufactured by Aristokraft, are available in a number of different styles and colours. While white continues to be one of the most popular vanity colours, light and whitewashed woods are running a close second. Also, dark, rich woods are still finding a place in many homes.
    When choosing materials, look to laminates that resists cracking and chipping. Surprisingly, solid wood is not the best material for cabinet sides, bottoms, and shelves but plywood and particleboard have proven stronger in these applications.

  7. A Pedestal Sink Creates Space
    To create the illusion of more space in your bathroom, install a fashionable pedestal sink. They add charm and elegance that canít be duplicated with other types of in-cabinet sinks. And todayís new models feature etched designs and decals that will complement your decor.