Carpet Care Tips
How to make your carpet last for years to come!
Tips and Suggestions from The Carpet Place 
Easy Ways to care for your carpets

Thorough vacuuming once a week will prolong the life of your carpet by removing embedded dirt that can wear fibres. Your vacuum cleaner should be adjusted for your type of carpet. Clean spills immediately to prevent spots and stains.

Carpets and area rugs are easy to care for. With routine maintenance, you can retain your carpet’s original appearance for many years.

Tips to add years to your carpet’s life:

  • Vacuum heavy traffic areas daily to pick up surface dirt and lint.
  • Clean your carpet each season to remove the oily film that builds up on carpet fibres.
  • Have a professional clean your carpet every year or two to refresh its appearance and prolong its life.

Removing Carpet Stains

The following lists include most of the common household spills that can harm your carpet. If you cannot remove the stain, call a professional carpet cleaner immediately for advice. Some stains require specific chemicals and procedures best handled by an expert.

Oil-Based Stains – dissolve with a dry cleaning fluid
(dry cleaning fluid should be applied to a clean cloth, do not pour directly on your carpet)

Ball Ink, Butter, Cosmetics (except lipstick), Crayon, Food Stains, Grease, Gum, Household Cement, Metal Polish, Oils, Shoe Polish, Tar, Vaseline, Wax

Water-Based Stains – dissolve with a mild detergent solution
With some spills you may need to use a combination of dry cleaner and detergent solutions to dissolve all the ingredients. First, apply solution # 1 if repeated applications are ineffective, try the other solution(#2) and repeat until the stain is removed.

Alcohol, Beer,  Bleach, Blood, Chocolate, Carbon Black, Coffee, Crepe Paper, Egg, Food Colour, Fruit Juice, Gelatin, Glue, Grass, Gravy, Ice Cream, Ketchup, Milk, Mustard, Permanent Ink, Soft Drinks, Soot, Syrup, Tea, Urine, Vomit, Water Colours, Wine

  1. Apply a small amount of a mild detergent solution to neutralize the acidity of the stain.
  2. Apply a small amount of vinegar-water (a mild acid) solution to neutralize the
    alkalinity of the stain.

  3. If you are unsure what the stain consists of, apply dry cleaning fluid first and blot, repeating if effective. If this does not work, try the detergent solution next and blot, repeating as necessary.