Critical Outcome Technologies Inc. (COTI) is a biopharmaceutical company rapidly developing targeted therapeutics, with an initial focus in oncology.

The Company’s lead program, COTI-2 for ovarian and other gynecological cancers restores normal cell signaling in cancer with p53 mutations.  Our competitive advantage lies in the drug discovery process utilizing COTI’s proprietary CHEMSAS identification process.  COTI is strategically positioned to build a robust internal portfolio of products, as well as help to build revenue-generating pipelines for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes.

Our Mission

To be a world leader in drug discovery by providing our valued partners with targeted libraries of novel, optimized lead compounds.

Our Vision

To be instrumental in saving thousands of lives by enabling accelerated development of new effective treatment options.

Our Values

We value and strive to be innovative, resourceful, reliable, responsive and to work with high integrity.