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Critical Outcome Technologies' lead compounds COTI2-MO5, COTI4-MO5 and COTI219-M05 significantly reduce both tumor number and tumor size in a nude mouse model of Human Small Cell Lung Cancer (SHP-77) with no significant observed toxicity.

april. 10th, 2006

COTI has received positive final results from experiments carried out in the Research Laboratories of the London Region Cancer Program. The experiments, designed to evaluate efficacy against Human Small Cell Lung Cancer comparing COTI2-MO5, COTI4-MO5 and COTI219-M05 to Cisplatin, Taxotere and Tarceva in a nude mouse model of Human Small Cell Lung Cancer have been completed. After 31 days of alternate day intra-peritoneal injections, COTI2-MO5, COTI4-MO5 and COTI219-M05 have significantly (p<0.01) reduced the number of SHP-77 SCLC tumors growing in treated compared to untreated animals. The COTI compounds also significantly reduced tumor volume. The COTI lead compounds compared favorably with Cisplatin and Taxotere especially with regard to tumor volume (see figure1&2). The alternate day treatment with COTI2-MO5, COTI4-MO5, COTI219-M05, Cisplatin and Taxotere demonstrated no significant toxicity as measured by observed behavior, weight loss or death. The Tarceva experiments were discontinued early due to unacceptable toxicity.

Figure 1:

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