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Small Cell Lung Cancer
Multiple Sclerosis
HIV Integrase
Alzheimer's Disease
Adult Acute Leukemia
Colorectal Cancer


Our Products

Fueling the Pipeline of Our Pharmaceutical Partners

COTI's products are targeted libraries of novel, optimized lead compounds for the treatment of human diseases for which current therapy is either lacking or ineffective. Each library has undergone extensive in silico optimization and medicinal chemistry scrutiny prior to synthesis and preclinical testing.

As a result of COTI’s proprietary technology CHEMSAS®, each compound must achieve an exceptional score on detailed analysis related to efficacy, acute toxicity, and the ADME properties; absorption, distribution, metabolism (e.g. cytochrome P450 interactions) and excretion. CHEMSAS also profiles each compound for solubility and drug-like properties. The result of this process is that for each disease target COTI delivers 6-10 novel, optimized small molecules, with two to three different scaffolds that have a higher probability of successful development.

Our Product Package

  • Complete computational profile
  • Animal and in vitro data regarding efficacy, acute toxicity and basic pharmacokinetics
  • Provisional patenting
  • A detailed manufacturing process
  • Contract customer support

To learn more about each specific library please select the specific bar in the pipeline below

Our Pipeline


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