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Mr. Dean Gendron

Vice President - Strategic Relationships

Dean Gendronšs career in business leadership and investment spans a 22-year period. In 1987, Dean was a Founder and Director of Panurgy Developments, specializing in syndicated property investing. In 1998, Dean and his spouse Shereen co-founded Rainbow Montessori School Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario.

Since 2004 Dean has assisted Mr. John Drake, President of Drake Goodwin Corporation as a Virtual CEO for several of his personal investments. In 2005 Dean was a cofounder of videoARCH Communications Inc. based in Ottawa, Ontario.

During his career, Dean has become a leader in the transformation and commercialization of businesses by creating strategies that enable rapid growth. This is due to his ability to raise financing that grows these ventures. In 2000, he created the vision and drove the successful growth of a Canadian IT Systems Integration Company from annual sales of $1 Million to an excess of $60 Million. Dean has overseen the high level development, due diligence, negotiations and on-going management of contracts in excess of $100 Million. He has led the discovery, building and execution of new international partnerships and companies involving multiple stakeholders.

Deanšs focus with COTI will be targeted at using his business skills to raise working capital, forge strategic partnerships with industry leading organizations and create accelerated deal opportunities that will drive revenue growth.