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We invite all current and prospective shareholders, partners, and other interested parties to browse our web site to learn more about the exciting developments at our company. Investor inquires can be directed to Gene Kelly or Trevor Heisler at 519-858-5157.

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Critical Outcome Technologies Inc.?

COTI is positioned to help build the pipeline and increase revenue for all sizes of pharmaceutical companies

In recent years large pharmaceutical companies have been experiencing slowing sales growth due to declining pipeline productivity and increasing patent expirations. Drugs worth $15.3 billion will face generic competition in 2011 alone. By 2013, 13 US blockbuster drugs will lose patent protection. By 2016, drugs that generate sales of $133 billion will face generic competition in the US. These current market conditions will require pharmaceutical companies to shift their partnering approach.

COTI is positioned to decrease the cost and time associated with new drug development.

In 2008, 24 new drugs were approved by the FDA, the highest number since 2004, but only 9 of these originated from Big Pharma. This low approval record is not a result of dollars spent as America’s pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies invested a record $67.4 billion during 2010 on research and development -- an increase of more than $1.5 billion from 2009.

According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (“PhRMA”) only 1 of every 10,000 potential medicines investigated by America's research-based pharmaceutical companies makes it through the research and development pipeline and is approved by the FDA. Winning approval, on average, takes 15 years of R&D; and costs more than $1 billion. The PhRMA 2010 Industry Proflie Report states that only 2 of 10 marketed drugs ever produce revenues that match or exceed R&D; costs.

Partners who license a COTI product candidate can potentially reduce 2-4 years off the current preclinical drug development timeline.



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