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COTI's Partnering Strategy

COTI's strategy is to partner with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and therapeutics companies at an early stage to augment their pipelines and accelerate innovation. COTI can add value to our partners through two distinct partnering opportunities:

• Lead Discovery Collaborations
• Out-Licensing

COTI has a flexible approach to deal-making and is interested in partnerships that allow for sharing both risk and reward. COTI currently has research programs targeting a number of different cancer indications and molecular targets that are believed to assist in eradicating cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and HIV. COTI is also well positioned to discover drug candidates for many other CNS and cancer indications to assist partners in bringing novel drugs to market in an accelerated fashion.

Lead Discovery Collaboration

Imagine being able to augment your pipeline with optimized lead compounds in just 3 months.
COTI's lead discovery collaboration program allows you to do just that. From 90 days from data transfer, COTI can deliver novel, optimized and chemically feasible lead compounds for indications and cellular targets of commercial interest to your organization.

Advantages of a Lead Discovery Collaboration with COTI

Save Time & Money
• A cost effective process designed to address molecular targets of commercial interest to your organization.
• Optimized, targeted leads that meet your potency and selectivity criteria delivered in 3 months and ready
for synthesis.
• Time-to-clinic can be shortened by years.

Additional Revenue Generation
• Patent life extension of 15-18 months; time savings in drug discovery stage provides potential increased
patent revenue generation.

Shared Risk/Reward
• COTI's lead discovery collaboration agreements are structured to reward COTI based on
the success of the molecules as they move through preclinical and clinical development.

Value Creation
• CHEMSAS® screens compounds based on an optimal profile of probable physical chemical, biological, efficacy
and ADMET properties. This means that CHEMSAS® delivers molecules not only faster and more cost
effectively but with a greater chance of success.


COTI has moved many products from discovery towards preclinical development and IND in a short time frame, with significantly improved development time, reduced costs, and potential usable patent life extensions.

COTI is currently seeking collaborations with pharmaceutical, therapeutic and biotechnology companies for a number of its internal programs.

By in-licensing COTI's novel, optimized lead compounds, COTI's partners can augment their pipelines in a highly targeted fashion, potentially extending patent life by several years and reducing the immense cost of the traditional drug discovery process by up to $200 million USD per successful drug.

COTI is currently seeking a licensing agreement for COTI-2, COTI's lead Oncology candidate.
COTI has a full pipeline of cancer drug candidates in multiple stages of preclinical development that are also available for licensing.

To learn more about partnering with COTI please contact Wayne Danter, President and CEO.




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