The future of drug discovery.

Dr. Kathleen Ferguson

Secretary Treasurer

Dr. Ferguson is one of the founders of COTI. Since 1990, Dr. Ferguson has been very involved in clinical research. She has been funded by Industry and by peer reviewed agencies - Physician's Serviced Incorporated Foundation, The Ontario Thoracic Society, and The Canadian Institute of Health Research and most recently The National Institute of Health as part of a large multi-centre study. She has presented at numerous scientific meetings in the past 15 years in North America, Europe and Australia.

Dr. Ferguson became involved with Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in clinical medicine through collaboration with Dr. Danter in a study of artificial neural network prediction of the presence or absence of obstructive sleep apnea using clinical characteristics (from history and physical examination).

Dr. Ferguson's understanding of the potential of this technology motivated her to participate in the development of a business using this as its core technology. Her strengths lie in devising, conducting and completing research projects. She is highly disciplined and organized with excellent communications skills. The breadth of her clinical and research experience is an important resource for COTI in developing applications for AI in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.