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Small Cell Lung Cancer Library

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death globally with an estimated 1.35 million new cases each year. Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) represents approximately 20% of all lung cancers; thus, there are approximately 270,000 new cases of SCLC each year.

COTI-219 is undergoing testing designed to determine its mechanism of action. COTI-219 is currently being developed as a treatment for SCLC. Currently a number of animal experiments are being conducted to contribute to the growing data pack for COTI-219 in order to prepare this compound for licensing.

COTI-4A a derivative of the original COTI-4 scaffold, has been synthesized and once additional patent work is complete this molecule will move through preclinical testing.

COTI-58 has been synthesized and has undergone confirmatory in vitro testing with positive results.

6 additional leads as part of the original SCLC library. This program will be activated as resources are available.

For more information about COTI's small cell lung cancer library and for partnering information please contact Brent Norton or Wayne Danter.

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