The future of drug discovery.

Dr. Rainer Engelhardt


Dr. Engelhardt is the Chief Executive Officer of Gangagen Life Sciences Inc. (Canada) and Chief Operating Officer of Gangagen Inc. (USA). Previously, as founding Chief Executive Officer of the Ottawa Biotechnology Incubation Centre and as President and owner of ENOVA Research Applications Inc., he provided executive management and mentoring for technology-based enterprises during their start-up phases to move them forward successfully in their growth. In that context, he served as Chairman of Liponex Inc. to transition that company to become publicly traded on the TSX. He joined the private sector in 1989 from an executive position in the Canadian federal government, as an Executive Vice President with the US-based Marine Spill Response Corporation, a petroleum sector company that he helped to create to become globally the largest emergency response company.

Dr. Engelhardt began his career in academia, as a professor at the University of Ottawa and at Southeastern Massachusetts University, with a specialization in applied physiology and toxicology, teaching students and participating in academic administration. His has authored over 150 scientific and technical publications, including three books, and was Chief Editor of an international technology journal.

Dr. Engelhardt's contributions to the advancement of science and technology and its commercial applications have been recognized through numerous awards and commendations for his research work, his institution building activities and establishment of multi-sector national and international collaboration agreements.