The future of drug discovery.

Dr. Wayne Danter

President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Danter is one of the founders of Critical Outcome Technologies Inc. He trained at the University of Western Ontario in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. He was a Faculty member at UWO until July 2004 when he resigned to focus his time and energy on developing the business opportunities created by COTI.

Dr. Danter's research has focused on the medical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. He has applied AI to the diagnosis of disease and to outcome prediction. The primary aspect of his research has focused on developing Hybrid AI models to pattern the relationship between molecular structure and biological activity. This research has resulted in a sophisticated process for decomposing complex molecules into critical elements that permit accurate molecular structure activity modeling (CHEMSASŪ) against specified therapeutic targets. His research has been published in peer-reviewed journals and he has presented at numerous international meetings.

Dr. Danter is a pioneer in the evolving interface between Artificial Intelligence Technologies and pharmacotherapeutics. These AI technologies are anticipated to play a major role in 21st century drug development.