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Our site has been designed so that you should never have to travel through more than one page to get to the information you are looking for. This is accomplished by the use of smart navigation menus.

  1. Each page has a primary navigation menu which allows you to access the major subdivisions of our site. These menus are colour coded to provide logical grouping.
  2. On secondary pages (those accessible from the primary navigation menu), there will always be a menu on the left hand side of the page which will provide links to related sections.
  3. When pages are intended to be viewed in a series, there will be a next>> link at the end of the last paragraph.
  4. Clicking on the search button in the main menu reveals a drop-down menu with a search field and links to an advanced site search and site menu.

If you have any further questions or suggestions regarding this tutorial, feel free to e-mail them to [email protected].



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