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  Dr. Wayne Danter, MD, FRCPC - President and CEO

Research fellowship training in Clinical Pharmacology
Inventor of the CHEMSAS™ Process
Co-Inventor of a Sleep Apnea Prediction System.
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  Dr. Kathy Ferguson, MD, FRCPC - Vice President

Respirologist and Sleep Physician
Research Fellowship in Respiratory Sleep Disorders
Co-Inventor of a Sleep Apnea Prediction System.
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Our Team
    Hon. Gerry Weiner, PC
Chairman, Board of Directors

    Mr. Gene Kelly - Chief Financial Officer

Formerly, Director of Finance, Cuddy Farms Corporation
Currently, Director of Quality Assurance and Process Improvement, Cuddy Farms Corporation
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    Mr. John Drake

Drake Goodwin Corporation
London, Ontario, Canada

    Dr. Jim Koropatnick

Director, London Regional Cancer Centre
London, Ontario, Canada

    Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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