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CHEMSAS™: The Core Technology

CHEMSAS™ is an in silico process for predicting target biological activities for a molecule from its molecular structure.

CHEMSAS™ combines an optimized molecular decomposition algorithm with a Hybrid of Machine Learning/ Modeling Technologies.

CHEMSAS™ models undergo rigorous multi-stage validation prior to implementation.

CHEMSAS™ is a Platform Technology applicable to a wide range of in vitro and in vivo applications with a clearly identifiable therapeutic target!

CHEMSAS™: Core Assumptions

Molecular Structure largely determines Biological Activity.

This relationship is Specific for a given Biological Target.

This relationship is Complex and Highly Non Linear

Specific Relationships can be accurately represented by an optimal set of mathematical equations/models.

Current entry point for all potential drugs remains in vitro profiling.

With sufficient and representative data in silico models can accurately simulate in vitro and in vivo tests.

Computer Hardware and Software exists that permit high dimensional/highly non-linear mathematical modeling in a optimal development cycle.


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"Whether scientist or artist or mystic, we are stunned by the beauty
and the complexity of what we see. But whether we look with the eyes
of science or religion, we see order and lawfulness underlying superficial complexity."
...J.S. Lewis, Worlds Without End, 1998


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