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The CHEMSAS Promise
  advanced molecular profiling
  customized solutions




For Drug Development:

Whole Cell In Silico Molecular Profiling -> targeted
high through put profiling - True Molecular Mining
Lower attrition rates
Faster development time line
Overall Cost reduction

CHEMSAS™ Advantages:

Rapid prototyping of custom applications
Exclusive licensing of custom applications
Confidentiality assured

The In Silico Drug Development Cycle

StepTime Line
In Silico Drug Discovery1-2 WEEKS
Drug Synthesis2-3 months
Confirmatory Tests2-3 months
PK/Tox Testing9-12 months
Our Development Cycle to Investigational New Drug Status~18 months
Industry Cycle3-5 years


CHEMSAS™ can be used by pharmaceutical companies to address the realities noted above in several areas:

  • To profile new molecules for biological activity such that molecules more likely to have useful biological activity are entered into the drug development process.
  • To profile existing molecules (e.g. currently available pharmaceutical and natural products) for novel activities.
  • To profile "soups" of compounds such as herbal remedies or other natural products to identify the likely active components.
  • To mine large databases of molecules to find molecules likely to have useful biological activities (i.e., molecular mining).


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