In this area you will find information on many rooms in your home. There are also decorating and design tips to help you out the next time you're in a creative mood. For those of you moving into a new residence there are moving tips and checklists to help the move go as smoothly as possible. If you have a pool you may want to check out our information on pool and fencing by-laws.

The amount of content is growing, so be sure to check back soon. Here are some of the areas that you may be interested in.
· Carpet Care Tips (The Carpet Place) · What to do When you Smell Gas (Union Gas)
· Cigar Tips (Smokin' Joe's Cigar Store) · Exterior Maintenance (C.H. Excavating Ltd.)
· Do you have the right type of carpet? and   Carpet Cleaning & Care (The Carpet Place) · Conservation and Your Home (Union Gas)
· Tips & Tricks with Trees (Hillcrest Trees) · Energy Efficient Lighting (Union Gas)
· Coping with Condensation (Union Gas)  

· Bathroom remodeling · Home exterior
· More bathroom remodeling · Terms of purchase
· Fall maintenance checklist · Glossary of Terms A through L
· Winter inspection checklist · Glossary of Terms M through Z
· New home inspection checklist · Heating
· Interior carpeting · "So you're all moved in, now what?"
· Furniture care · Moving checklist
· Decorating tips for problem rooms · Moving tips
· Hardwood flooring · Movers
· Pool and pool fencing by-laws · Renting your own moving truck
· Building permits  


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