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Our Discovery Process

A More Efficient and Effective Drug Discovery Process

CHEMSAS® can change the way the pharmaceutical industry identifies high potential compounds.

CHEMSAS is a robust proprietary computational process for accelerated drug discovery and optimization. Using a unique combination of traditional and modern pharmacology principles, statistical modeling, medicinal chemistry and machine learning technologies, COTI is able to discover, profile, and optimize novel compounds in an accelerated manner.

CHEMSAS allows COTI to advance only those molecules with a high probability of successful development for a specific target therapy into the drug development pipeline. This is facilitated by evaluating molecules for efficacy, toxicity, oral availability and metabolism prior to synthesis and in vivo testing.

CHEMSAS can also be utilized to:

  • find novel uses for known compounds to extend the patent life of a current drug franchise
  • profile and optimize compounds currently in clinical studies to identify and to help solve pharmacokinetic problems

To request more information about licensing an optimized library of lead molecules or to discuss utilizing CHEMSAS for screening and optimization purposes, please contact Michael Barr, Director of Business Development and Marketing.



Our 9 Step Discovery Process

Our Discovery Process takes 12-15 months to complete. The current traditional process can last up to 60 months.


Select a therapeutic target


Identify novel validated cellular target(s)


Design a candidate molecule library


Profile/Optimize the candidates using in silico + traditional analytical chemistry methods


Conduct a patent search on most promising candidates


Synthesize the most promising candidates


Test and develop in vitro / in vivo to confirm the computational predictions


Patent the most promising candidates


License successful candidates


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