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Critical Outcome Technologies Inc (COTI) is a biotechnology company based in London, Ontario, Canada. COTI provides the latest in the development of clinical prediction models and molecular screening processes. using hybrid artificial intelligence software systems.

In the area of molecular screening processes, COTI has developed a proprietary process (CHEMSASTM) based upon a hybrid of artificial intelligence software programs that allows more accurate prediction of biological activity from the structure of the small molecule. The CHEMSASTM system is based upon decomposing complex molecular structures into critical elements that can be used to model specific in vitro or in vivo biological activities. This involves training the prediction model with information about molecules with known function and comparing the molecule with unknown function to the established database to determine its function.

The company has well developed prediction models for HIV and cancer with additional models for anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetes and anti-arrhythmic drug and antibiotics. Other models are in development for drugs for asthma, hyperlipidemia and for large molecules such as proteins and peptides.

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